What To Get Yourself On Your 25th Birthday?

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Are you approaching your 25th birthday? Do you want to gift yourself something worthwhile, but don’t know what? Here are a few of our recommendations…

Buy yourself something you have been putting off for a while – your 25th mars a special mile stone of your life. If you are not going to indulge yourself now, when do you plan on doing so? If you’ve pining after something, and have been hesitating to buy it all these days, think of this as the moment to do so. And it is regardless to whether you want to buy Burberry scarf here or to buy yourself a brand new makeover.  

Teach yourself a new leisure activity and indulge in it – look, you’ve already lived through one quarter of your life. Are you happy with your life? Are you getting enough holidays? Are you treating yourself well? Ask yourself these questions. We know the twenties are the “official decade for hard work”; but it doesn’t mean you need to be all work. Try out new leisure activities; teach yourself a new hobby.

Consider a better mode of transport – you might not be tempted to buy yourself a gorgeous Salvatore Ferragamo wallet, but you must admit the call is harder to resist when it’s a mode of transport. If you are using public transportation, or still hanging on to the rickety old family car you got as a graduation gift, then no doubt it is time you got yourself your own pair of wheels. Even if it’s only a motor cycle. Trust us, you’ll love the freedom of being to travel on your own rules.

Update your electronics for a newer model – most of us in our mid twenties are stuck with electronics that we bought in college. This could be a laptop, a television or even a phone. The biggest reason for this is that once we start working, we get used to handling all our work details through our smartphones and our laptops; making it irreplaceable. Even the mere thought of getting a new one, and reinstalling all those data in it sounds irritating. But have you considered that with a newer model, life will also feel newer an updated? In both the personal and professional front?

Go on…go for that vacation you’ve always dreamt of – our final suggestion; is that you see the world while you are still able to. Tomorrow is never guaranteed to us. Make the most of today. Make memories so that you’ll have fewer regrets. Trust us, this alone will be the biggest gift you could give yourself…