How To Build A Loyal Customer Base

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Before you open a clothing store you need to know what your specialty is. For example your shop could be known mainly for its linen wear amongst other things. It is also important to have range. If you speak only to a certain kind of audience like the youth, your services become very limited however if you have a wide range of options for different ages you can start to build a large customer base which will help you increase your sales.

The store’s interior

It is essential to have a simple yet elegant, calm, relaxing atmosphere which will encourage people to shop. Good music, a pleasant fragrance and a well decorated store creates a soothing ambiance which would make people enjoy their shopping experience. Keeping a book at the entrance welcoming the customer’s comments can be very beneficial to your store as you will get an understanding of what the customer’s like and dislike.

Having a wide variety of clothes

It is important to have a wide variety of options for both men women. Dresses should be made in a variety of sizes so women of all dimensions have the option of buying the outfit. Maternity wear as well as clothes for after pregnancy should be taken into consideration such as nursing dresses in Australia. It is important to have a wide variety of clothes for the men as well. By manufacturing office wear, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, shirts with tunic collars and regular t-shirts will increase sales as the different styles will attract a large audience.

Changing rooms

When installing changing rooms in your store try and install more than two as people generally hate standing in line. This could affect your sales as people might get fed up of waiting their turn and leave. Having spacious, comfortable changing rooms could encourage people to try on more clothes

The sales staff and the process of closing up

Having a pleasant sales staff is important because if you hire rude, snobbish employees it could put your customers off discouraging them from shopping at your store. It is important to teach your staff that their job is to keep the customers satisfied. Being overly persuasive is something that should be prevented because customers can usually sense when you are trying to force them to buy something however, subtle persuasion can go a long way.

When closing up your store it is important to clean up first. A thorough cleaning should be conducted once a month but at the end of each day it is important to vacuum and wipe down the store. Make sure to switch off the air conditioning and the lights before you leave or else you will find yourself with thumping electricity bill at the end of the month.