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Selecting The Right Hair Extensions

Published / by Malo Berger

We all like to change our look from time to time and experiment with different ways how to do so. Although we are mostly accustomed to our comfort zone of style, in that we like to go to our default look at any given time, sometimes it’s fun to go for an option that is out of this boundary. Clothes are one way of doing this, and one of the aspects that can really offer a radical change is our mane. While there are countless things you can do with your natural hair, now extensions have taken this a step further enabling us to take our experiments a step further. They are quite easily available and can be applied either by yourself or with the help of a salon.

If you step in a store that sells hair extensions or even a salon, you will find that there is a dizzying array of options. From colour, to length to texture, there are many different types, and which you go with is entirely dependent on you. You could of course experiment with many types to see what suits you, however if you are on a limited budget the best way to frequently change your look without spending much is with clip-on extensions as they are easy to use, are re-usable and are not expensive. Unless you know the look you want or have used these before, a permanent look right away may not be the best idea as they are more expensive and last much longer which means if you do not like the look, you will be stuck with it for a while! When selecting tape hair extensions at, go for something that closely matches with your natural mane for the most seamless look.

Hair extensions should be cut accordingly and styled the way you want. On their own, they are rather limp and lifeless and do not have body of their own. Once you have selected the type you want, speak to your stylist on how you can incorporate them to be as natural as possible. The best way to do this is to discuss a cut that will suit you as well as how you can maintain it over time which includes the safe use of straighteners or curling irons with no damage to the extensions. A good way is to use layers that will help blend in the extensions with your natural hair.

As you are not used to them, it can be easy to forget they are there and brush as usual. However, you should treat your extensions with extra care as they are attached to your natural hair and should not be yanked or treated roughly. They can lose their lustre and even damage your natural hair if you keep pulling on them with force. When placing the extensions you should ensure they are fixed to parts of your mane that are the strongest; in other words, avoid tender places such as the back of your neck as it does not provide a good grip. Hair extensions Melbourne can be bought and taken to a salon for professional application, especially if it is your first time, contact beauty experts.

Aside from selecting the right colour and texture, cutting and styling, your hair extensions also depend on the density of your natural hair. Everyone is different and we all have hair that is uniquely ours. Fine hair tends to be very light and wisp so you should go with an option that matches this weight. Thicker, coarse hair will need extensions that are able to grip well and are also thick in order to make a visible change. Depending on whether you go for synthetic or natural extensions, you should then buy care products that are suitable for each kind to avoid potential damage.