Month: November 2016

Bamboo Products Could Be What The World Needs

Published / by Malo Berger

As the world cries out about the dwindling natural resources, it is time to look at other sources of wealth that may be staring at us in the eye. Our minds have been trained to think of natural resources as fossil fuel such that we have forgotten that the world is a bed of opportunities. However, now that there are fears of energy sources depleting and economies threatened, it has become important for people everywhere to take matters into their own hands to fight for their survival.

One source of wealth that has for so long been under looked is the bamboo plant. This very rich plant that is self growing and self sustain has in it a lot of potential that is yet to be harnessed. Today, the textile industry is making bamboo clothing Australia but this is not all the benefits that can be had from this versatile grass. If people could only be willing to learn, they will discover that bamboo may just be exactly what the world needs in such trying times. 

Bamboo is renewable

There is a lot of outcry of the depletion of the forest and how trees that have taken decades to reach maturity are cut down all in one day. However, when you tend towards bamboo, you find a resource that will be hard to deplete if done right. It grows on its own and takes only four years to reach maturity. It grows fast at about a meter a day. This grass can spread over and entire area in very little time. When it is cut, it grows more and better. That is why turning to bamboo for our needs could be a way to save our planet from potential harm and can produce high quality clothing.

No waste

One of the problems the world is facing is waste management. A lot of waste that is non biodegradable is being generated in tons everyday and managing this waste has become a problem. However, if we turn to using bamboo in most of our operations, we may find that we have very little to worry when it comes to waste. When it is harvested, almost all of its parts can be used for one purpose or another. Also the articles that are made from it can be disposed of easily due to the fact that they are biodegradable. They don’t require any special disposal techniques.

All purpose

Bamboo can replace the use of wood in many of the products that are manufactured today. They are not only durable they are also eco friendly. The use of bamboo can help prevent the cutting of trees that have been in existence for many decades