Month: February 2016

5 Tips For Working On Fabrics Which Are Stretchy

Published / by Malo Berger


You must be considering on purchasing or working on stretchy material. You can buy them easily on the internet or at a brick and mortar store. Keep in mind that these items are easy for you to wash and wear just like how you would with woven fabrics too. You must careful cut, sew and place the cloth pieces in place. Here are some tips for working on stretch fabrics: 

Pick the direction of your cloth wisely

You must always pick the direction of your patterned fabric carefully. You must pick the side which will stretch the most and which will not draw up on to your body too. This will make you stand out and look great too. Always look into this factor even if you are purchasing novelty fabrics online too.

Use a cutter and a mat

You must try your best to use a mat and cutter which will help the fabric stretch and move. You must careful cut the edges of the fabric in place so that it will fit easily together. If you are considering purchasing a rotary cutter then you can get more precise lines too.

Sew with a sharp needle

You must not use a general sewing needle. You must use a great sharp needle which will make your sewing a lot easier for you too. You must try your best to use the ballpoint end of the needle to get precise stitches. You can try gliding the sides of the fibers together so that they do not get damaged or twisted too.

Use the right stitch

You must carefully purchase the right sewing machine for the task of making a great stretch stitch which can even be zig zag in nature too. The stitch must be a lot different to a regular one. You must create a zig zag one if you want to stand out from the crowd too.

Complete the raw edges

You must try your best to get the raw edges done on time too. You can use strips which are bound together in order to make the edges seem more real and flexible too. This way your novelty fabrics online will stand out from the crowd.

You must use the right tools in order to make your garment look the best. You must use a zig zag pattern in order to make the clothing item stand out. If you do not utilize this the correct way then you are at risk of your garment looking crooked too! Always ask someone who knows some sewing to help you out.


5 Benefits Of Choosing Custom Jewelry

Published / by Malo Berger

You must make sure to check on the jewelry and see if it matches your personality. You must always pick items which are for you. Avoid anything which does not match your tastes and preferences too.  Here are some benefits on picking jewelry made for you:

Buying something you always wanted
You do not have to simply buy something out there. You can get the pre owned tiffany jewellery you always dreamed about. You must try to create your own design by picking elements which speak to you whether it is the stone or metal. This way you will be paying for something you wanted!

Expresses your style
It will always express your style as it will sync with your clothing too. It will reflect your personality, creativity and the wow factor to your outfits. You must carefully pick custom pieces as some can prove to be difficult for you to wear especially if they are too heavy for you. You must pick the stone you like whether it is a diamond or sapphire and something which will make your skin tone stand out too.

Value for money is great
If you buy something you want whether it is gold, silver or white gold it has more value. If you place great stones in the center the better you will be able to sell it for a higher price too. Avoid anything which has too much of soldering as the price can be very low and you won’t be able to sell it for a higher value too.

Durable as always
A good piece of pre owned tiffany jewellery will last a life time. It will be made well and the surface won’t get damaged too. You will be able to modify the sizes and make sure it fits you at any point in time. If you buy items which are ready made the chances of you being able to customize it is pretty low too!

A design marvel
If you buy jewelry that has been designed well. The chances of the design being one of a kind is high. You must get it in gold or platinum for the ultimate look. You can customize it any way you like simply ask the jeweler how you must go about the task. Remember to carefully pick the jewellery you want as it will represent your style and personality. You must stay away from items which are ready made as they can look traditional and boring especially if you have an eye for fashion too!